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How The QuickX-Protocol Will Bring Easy Cryptocurrency To Daily Liefe ...

QuickX is a protocol that primarily stands for solving problems of Blockchain, like speed, fees levied on transactions, scalability, cross chain transactions. With QucikX, your Blockchain assets can be converted and spent in the non-virtual world instantly with no waiting time!

How the QuickX-Protocol will work:

  • QuickX aims to solve the most critical problems which are hindering the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies such as time, cost, scalability and cross chain transactions.
  • QuickX will build an off chain decentralized network which will be lighting fast, efficient and will facilitate cross chain transactions. At the same time QuickX will make transactions fees affordable and significantly lower than existing fees structure.
  • QuickX features a multicurrency wallet, a multicurrency debit card, a cryptocurrency swap option, and a payment gateway using QuickX Protocol, which make cryptocurrencies suitable for the masses for non-virtual world transactions.

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